About the authors

Alessandro Brunelli, MD

Dr. Brunelli is consultant thoracic surgeon and honorary associate professor at St. James’s University Hospital, Leeds, UK

Heather Wakelee, MD

Dr. Wakelee is president of the IASLC and chief of the Division of Oncology at Stanford University as well as deputy director of the Stanford Cancer Institute, Stanford, California.

Caicun Zhou, MD, PhD

Dr. Zhou is president-elect of the IASLC and director of the Department of Oncology at Tongji University Shanghai Pulmonary Hospital in China

Enriqueta Felip, PhD

Dr. Felip is head of the Lung Cancer Unit in the Oncology Department at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona, Spain.

Eric Vallières, MD, FRCSC

Dr. Vallières is director of the Seattle, Washington-based Swedish Cancer Institute’s Lung Cancer Program. He has a special interest in lung cancer and mesothelioma and is one of the few US surgeons to perform extrapleural pneumonectomy.

Benny Weksler, MD

Dr. Weksler is professor of Cardiothoracic Surgery at Drexel University College of Medicine, Philadelphia

Rüdiger Liersch, MD

Dr. Liersch is head of the Oncological Center at Münster Alliance Against Cancer, University of Münster, Germany

Margarita Majem Tarruella, MD, PhD

Dr. Majem Tarruella is in the medical oncology department at Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau, Barcelona, Spain

Kimberly Costas, MD

Dr. Costas specializes in robotic surgery and thoracic oncology at the Everett Clinic in Everett, Washington.

Wei Zhang, PhD

Dr. Zhang is professor of Cancer Biology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine, Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Monika Kaul, MD

Dr. Kaul is medical director and safety strategy leader of cancer immunotherapy for lung and head and neck cancers at Roche, San Francisco.

Marcus Ballinger, PhD

Dr. Ballinger is the global development lead for lung and head and neck cancer immunotherapy at Genentech, San Francisco.

Virginia McNally, PhD

Dr. McNally is associate group clinical science director for Roche Products Ltd, Welwyn Garden City, UK.

Elizabeth Bennett

Ms. Bennett works at Genentech Inc, South San Francisco.

Barbara J. Gitlitz, MD

Dr. Gitliz is senior medical director at Genentech Inc, South San Francisco.

Nasser Altorki, MD

Dr. Altorki is a professor of cardiothoracic surgery and director of the Division of Thoracic Surgery at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Weill Cornell Medicine, New York.

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