About the authors

Jill Feldman

  • EGFR Resisters

Jill Feldman, MA, is a cofounder of the patient advocacy group The EGFR Resisters. 

Ivy Elkins, MBA

Ivy Elkins, MBA, also is a cofounder of The EGFR Resisters and a member of the ILCN Editorial Group. 

Matthew B. Schabath, PhD

Matthew B. Schabath, PhD, is Associate Member in the Departments of Thoracic Oncology and Cancer Epidemiology; H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute.

Upal Basu Roy PhD, MPH

  • LUNGevity Foundation

Upal Basu Roy, PhD, MPH, isthe Executive Director of Research for the LUNGevity Foundation.

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